OTIS Service Tool GAA21750AK3 Guide Manual丨Potensi Elevator

author: Potensi-Mica
OTIS Elevator Test Tool Detailed Operation Manual

The server in the picture above consists of a display screen, an operating keyboard and a connection plug. The plug consists of nine pins, and each pin is named and typed as follows:

1----VCC----output 2----VCC----output

3----SVT TXB----output 4----SVT RXA----input

5----GND----output 6----VCC----output

7----SVT TXA----output 8----SVT RXB----input

9----GND---- output

The above picture shows the keyboard area of ​​the server. Let me introduce the functions of each key:

MODULE: Press this key to make the server return to the main menu interface immediately in any menu interface.

FUNCTION: Press this key to make the server return to the secondary menu interface in any menu interface of the system.

SET: Press this key to make the server return to the previous menu interface in any menu interface of the system.

Blue shift: The function of this key is mainly used in combination with the blue part of the 12 keys on the right side of the keyboard to achieve specific functions of the server or system settings.

shift+0/OFF: applied in the remote station test menu

shift+1/ON: It is applied when the main board I/O address menu is reversed. There are applications in the remote station test menu

shift+2/UP: applied when the fault is cleared in the main board 1-2-1 fault menu.

shift+3/DOWN: Check the detailed information of each fault in OVF20 inverter fault checking 2-2-1.

shift+4/DISP IN/A: represents A in hexadecimal.

shift+5/SEL OUT/B: represents B in hexadecimal. This combination can also clear historical faults in the 2-2-2 menu operation of the OVF20 inverter.

shift+6/null/C: Change the sign of any number that has been entered, representing C in hexadecimal.

shift+7/DISP STATE/D: represents D in hexadecimal. This combination also has the function of displaying hidden menus in the operation of the Otis series door operator controller.

shift+8/ENT CALL/E: represents E in hexadecimal.

shift+9/TEST/F: F for hexadecimal.

shift+GO ON/GO BACK: Represents page up, GO ON is page down.

shift+CLEAR/ENTER: After the value is modified to confirm or enter the menu, CLEAR is to clear.

The numbers 0~9 in the above keys represent the decimal numbers 0~9 respectively.

The application of the keyboard shortcut key combination shortcut menu display function when the LCB2 board is in the main interface:

 shift+4/DISP IN/A: Main board parameter menu 1~9.

shift+5/SEL OUT/B: 1-3-2 I/O address menu.

 shift+6/null/C: Display the current fault of the motherboard.

 shift+7/DISP STATE/D: Mainboard input signal status menu.

 shift+8/ENT CALL/E: Enter the call menu.

PS: The menus and operations of the motherboards of each Otis system are different. Please refer to the actual operation in the actual operation.

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