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What is an elevator door lock? How to inspect the door lock?
If the elevator is broken, the door must be opened; If it should to save people in the elevator, the door must be opened; if the elevator door is deformed, the door must be opened and closed. Let’s learn about the basic knowledge and inspection methods of elevator door locks today.

1. Overview of elevator door locks
The elevator door is the entrance and exit of passengers or goods. The elevator door system not only has the function of opening and closing the door, but also provides protection against people falling into the shaft and being cut.The elevator door lock device is to ensure the reliable closing and locking of the elevator door and prevent the landing door and the car door from being opened randomly. The locking device and the electrical safety device for verifying the door closure are usually collectively referred to as the door lock.
The opening and closing action of the door lock is realized by the door operator driving the door vane to act on the door lock roller. The closing and locking of the landing door not only rely on the closing drive of the door operator and the mechanical locking of the door lock, but also rely on electrical safety devices. For verification, this two must be combined to form a complete electromechanical device.
Elevator Door lock
2.Door lock inspection method
2.1 Inspection of door lock mechanism
The door lock device should be provided with a nameplate including the model, manufacturer, type test organization and other information, and there should be a corresponding type test certificate. The door lock hooks and hook blocks should not be severely worn or deformed, and the door lock rollers should not be missing or jammed.

2.2 Inspection of meshing length
When the elevator landing door or car door is closed, the mechanical locking elements (such as lock hooks, latches) must be engaged or hooked at least 7mm, and the electrical safety devices that verify the locked state of the door locks can be turned on and the car can operate normally.

2.3 Inspection of door lock engagement width
During the inspection, the meshing width should also be confirmed. When hidden dangers are found, they should be rectified in time to ensure effective meshing in the horizontal width direction of the lock hook.

2.4 Inspection of door lock electrical safety device
Open the door lock and disconnect the electrical safety contacts. The elevator should be able to stop immediately or fail to start. Disconnect the door lock safety circuit. If the elevator can continue to run or start, it proves that the elevator door lock is short-circuited. The short circuit of the elevator door lock safety circuit is the most common reason of "opening the door and walking the ladder", which can cause serious accidents,such as peoplesare  sheared, squeezed, and falling by the elevator cabin.