Shocked: Potensi and Apollo ARD Factory have this kind of Relationship丨Potensi Elevator

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Shocked: Potensi and Apollo ARD Factory have this kind of Relationship

The operating principle of elevator ARD:

In order to improve the reliability of elevator operation, and avoid the phenomenon of elevator shutting down due to the power outage of the external power grid. The automatic rescue device  was developed, referred to as ARD. ARD is a backup emergency power system in addition to the original elevator control system and inverter system. ARD has the characteristics of simple installation and wiring, convenient debugging and high cost performance. When the power grid is cut off, ARD will automatically put into work within the set time, start the ARD battery, and slowly move the elevator car in the light-load direction to the leveling of the nearest station, open the door, and release the passengers.

Apollo ARD picture of factory:

Apollo ARD

In order to expand the application of uninterruptible power supply, the company invested in the development and production of elevator emergency devices in 2000. The technology adopted is suitable for most of the current elevator power supply operation systems, and can be equipped with high-quality equipment for elevators.

ARD wiring diagram of Monarch system:
The following are the relevant steps when the Monarch system uses Apollo ARD:

If you want to know more system wiring diagrams and manuals, please check the technical support of our website for more details.

Authorization for the use of Potensi

If you need to buy the original Apollo ARD, you can contact us and purchase it at any time.
Tips: Please confirm the following elevator parameters before inquiring:
1. What brand is the elevator
2. What brand is the elevator control system
3. Elevator inverter power (KW)
Note: For ARD we usually consider the power of the inverter, because sometimes the power of the inverter is larger than the power of the traction machine, so we have to consider the maximum of the two
4. Voltage (220V or 380V)