How to Keep Maintenaince for Elevator Air Conditioner?丨Potensi Elevator

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How to Keep Maintenaince for Elevator Air Conditioner?

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Potensi Elevator Air Conditioner Main Advantages:

①Big Cooling Capacity but Energy Saving
Panasonic compressor to confirm the high quality with long life time with excellent cooling.

②No Water Drop
Condensate vaporization does not require electric heating, which is safe and energy-saving; multiple protections to prevent water overflow; high-efficiency thermal insulation flexible air duct to ensure that the surface is not frosted; high-quality anti-rust bottom water pan.

③Low Noise
Panasonic brand compressor; Dual muffler design, Damping material , absorb vibration.

④Efficient and Energy Saving
High-efficiency compressor, advanced heat exchanger technology; Enlarged airflow design, double cooling of refrigerants; Overall system optimization according to national energy-saving standards.

⑤Healthy and Environment Harmony
High-efficiency anti-mildew screen to remove dust; high-quality refrigerant to remove harmful gases; negative oxygen ions, elevator car air purification and sterilization (optional).

⑥Convenient Use
On/off time program control; only turn on the air conditioner once in the whole summer or winter; remote control in the elevator car; automatic recovery after power failure.

⑦Professional technical support at 24hours
Potensi elevator with multi-languages sales team in order to supply urgent help for all of customers within in 24hours.

How to keep maintenaince for elevator air conditioner?

Potensi Elevator Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide :
1.Regularly (1 month) clean the filter screen of the air conditioner! After washing the filter screen with clean water, shake off the water and put it back. (do not clean the filter screen with any corrosive things) this will rot the filter screen;
2.Before each summer, we need to find professionals to dismantle the whole air conditioner for overall cleaning and maintenance. Due to the environmental reasons of the elevator shaft, the long-term air circulation of the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner will easily accumulate dust, which will affect the cooling effect and the heat dissipation and evaporation of the condensed water. Therefore, the customer must arrange special personnel for regular cleaning and maintenance, which is not within the scope of air conditioning warranty.)
3.Disassembly and cleaning: disassemble the air conditioning unit, remove it from the outside of the elevator car roof, find an open place, first remove the front shell of the air conditioner, and then slowly pull away the rear shell. After taking out the inner machine of the air conditioner, clean the dust, mud, winding, etc. inside the unit with the special cleaning liquid of the air conditioner, blow and clean the air conditioning condenser, evaporator, motor and fan fins, and then install the rear shell and front shell again. (during cleaning, pay attention to the main control part of the air conditioner, such as the main board capacitor circuit, etc. do not soak in water.) When cleaning, you must use the special cleaner for air conditioner to clean under high pressure and wipe it dry with a dry soft cloth.

4. Check and clean to ensure smooth air inlet and outlet; Remove the dust filter of the air conditioner, rinse with clean water, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Then install the air conditioning host back to its original position and reinforce it.

5. Check whether there is refrigerant leakage at the interface of the refrigerant pipeline of the air conditioner.

6. Check whether the operation sound of the air conditioner is normal, whether the air conditioner fan motor and compressor operate normally, and whether the evaporator and condenser are damaged; Whether the condensate has normal equivalent and whether there is leakage.

7. Check whether the air conditioning bracket is loose.

8.Check whether the insulation pipe, air outlet, air return pipe and air return outlet are damaged and dewed; Check whether the tie is loose.
9.After thorough cleaning and maintenance of the elevator air conditioner, the power consumption of the elevator air conditioner will be reduced by more than 15%, and the refrigeration effect can reach a good standard. Moreover, the condensate produced in the refrigeration process of the cleaned air conditioner can be treated by heat dissipation and evaporation normally, and the condensate will not flow out of the car roof.
10.You can contact us at 24hours/week if you have any questions about the elevator air conditioner. Our engineer team are ready to supply professional solutions and suggestions at any time.