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How Much Home Elevator Cost ?

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A residential elevator is usually assumed to be an expensive addition to a home. So, many people are interested to know the real cost of home lift, the home elevator price list and also want to check how to get the good quality with lowest price for his home elevator.

Today we will show you what is the home elevator and where to get the lowest price for your residential elevator.

Types of Home Elevators:

Steel belt traction type: This type is an excellent choice for existing residential, it's MRL type and less noisy through steel belt instead of steel wire rope. And it's the safest type up to now in the world with enough safety device. It's construction as same as passenger lift.

Two types for steel belt traction home elevator: One is normal type as same as MRL passenger lift, but pit depth is only need 400mm. The other type is our advantage product, it's no need the pit depth, the minimum shaft size can be 1200mm*1200mm. we name it platform traction home lift.

Steel rope traction type: This type work with control system, many mechnical safety device and countweight. It's most popular type with normal material cost.

Hydraulic pump station elevator: This type work with hydraulic system, it's old type with much nosiy voice compared with traction type home elevator. And the there are not many safety device to keep people 100% safe, because it's no overspeed governor and safety gear and it not even VVVF, it's just single speed.


Home Elevator Costs (Standard Configurations):

The traditional steel traction type home elevator serving two floors with standard configuration ( Cabin and doors are all with hairline stainless steel material and ARD function), mateial cost is around $9,000 and $500 for each additional floor added. This is an average material cost for standard equipment, the price can change signicicantly for a customed cabin and door finish, additional cabin entrance or additional functions.

If you want your home elevator with sighseeing funciton and want the cabin are safety glass with steel frame, the addtional material cost is around $2,000 and $200 for each safety glass door.

All above price is the material cost not the sales price, so you usually got the high price around $15,000 and even more when you inquiry the elevator company. But as you know Fuji Potensi elevator factory produce at least 2,000units home elevator, 15,000units passenger elevator 2,000units escalator per year, so we can reduce our material cost so much with scale effect and so we are able to show our dealers our production material cost and even give them material price directly, because we want get much more partner/agent in the world. If you read the artical, congratulations and CLICK HERE immediately to become our agent and get the lowest price about our elevators.