Elevator Air Conditioner Analysis and Treatment of Common Faults丨Potensi Elevator

author: Potensi-Stephen

Elevator Air Conditioner Analysis and Treatment of Common Faults

With the acceleration of people's pace of life, elevator has become more and more people's choice, especially the comfort requirements of elevator are also increasing day by day. As an elevator air conditioner dedicated to elevator car and improving the comfort in car, it has attracted more and more attention. 
However, in the process of daily use of Elevator Air Conditioning, some common small faults will appear more or less. As a complex electrical appliance, elevator air conditioning is now poorly understood by many people. The knowledge of common faults that can be handled by elevator air conditioner is briefly described as follows:

Elevator Air Conditioner

(1) Fault phenomenon: the elevator air conditioner does not start
Possible Causes:
1. Shutdown?
2. Is the car roof power plug plugged in or off?
3. Is the power switch of the machine room disconnected?
4. Is the voltage normal? (198V~2042V)
5. Is the remote control set to switch on and off at a fixed time?
6. The power supply overheats or the wire protective sleeve breaks?

(2) Fault phenomenon: the cooling effect of elevator air conditioner is poor, and the air conditioner operates normally at this time
Possible Causes:
1. Is the air outlet of the air conditioner blocked ?
2. Is the return air filter screen clogged with excessive dust?
3. Is there too much dust on the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner?

(3) Fault phenomenon: the elevator air conditioner has no refrigeration effect, that is, the fan of the air conditioner works and the compressor does not work
1. Is the set temperature close to the ambient temperature?
2. Is the air supply status set or not?

(4) Fault phenomenon: the elevator air conditioning compressor starts and stops frequently
Possible Causes:
1. Is the power supply voltage stable?
2. Is it set in dehumidification state?
3. Is there too much dust on the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner? Stop the compressor for thermal protection and independent protection, and restart it after a delay of 5 ~ 10 minutes, resulting in frequent startup and shutdown of the compressor.
4. Does the temperature of the lift car reach the temperature set by the remote controller?

Elevator Air

(5) Fault phenomenon: the remote control of elevator air conditioner cannot be controlled
Possible Causes:
 1. Check whether the battery voltage of the remote controller is sufficient? (otherwise, replace the battery with a new one)
2. Is the air conditioner disturbed by abnormal signals? (at this time, you only need to cut off the power supply and resume normal operation after power transmission again)

(6) Fault phenomenon: water dripping from elevator air conditioner
Possible Causes:
 1. Whether the air outlet of the air conditioner is pasted with thermal insulation cotton and whether the thermal insulation treatment is in place?
2. Is the air conditioning in position level?
3. Is the position of the air outlet or return duct of the air conditioner moved?
4. When the air conditioner is cooled, sometimes mist cold air will emerge from the air outlet, which is due to the rapid cooling of the car air due to the cold and heat exchange. Heat preservation can be added at the junction of the air outlet.

(7) Fault phenomenon: the noise is loud when the elevator air conditioner is running
Possible Causes:
1. Is the air conditioner fixed loosely?
2. Is the installation position of the compressor loose?
3. Is the air conditioner installed horizontally?