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HITACHI Elevator Inverter SJ700 5.5KW 220V SJ700-055LFF2 | Potensi Elevator
HITACHI Elevator Inverter SJ700 5.5KW 220V SJ700-055LFF2 | Potensi Elevator

HITACHI Elevator Inverter SJ700 5.5KW 220V SJ700-055LFF2 | Potensi Elevator

Model NO.
-Hitachi elevator inverter SJ700-055LFF2 Application-

The SJ700 Series AC Variable Speed Industrial AC drives and inverters are the first units to have pre-programmed (EzSQ) functionality as standard. The SJ700 Series inverters can handle complex applications with ease due to the new Easy Sequence (EzSQ) programming software, precise positioning and safe stopping according to EN954-1. The SJ700 AC Variable Speed Drive is undoubtedly the most powerful in its class.

-Product Description-

Brand: Hitachi
Products: Hitachi elevator inverter SJ700-055LFF2
OEM Parts: No

-Hitachi elevator inverter SJ700-055LFF2 Shipping Reference-
Hitachi elevator inverter SJ700-055LFF2 Shipping Reference
-Factory and Warehouse-
Hitachi elevator inverter SJ700-055LFF2 factory and warehouse
-Additional Info-
Packaging: Export Packing
Transportation: Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, Sea, Land and Air transportation, etc.
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certificate: EN115, CE, Gost-R, SASO, VOC, KTL, UL, CSA
Payment Type: T/T, Western union, Paypal, L/C, Credit Card and so on.
Incoterm: CFR, CIF, FOB, FCA, CPT
Delivery Time: About 7 working days against payment as generally

-Related Products-

We Can Supply Hitachi Inverter of the Following Models:
Hitachi Elevator Inverter: 
SJ700-004LFF2,SJ700-007LFF2,SJ700-015LFF2,SJ700-022LFF2,SJ700-037LFF2,SJ700-055LFF2,SJ700-075LFF2,SJ700-110LFF2,SJ700-150LFF2,SJ700-185LFF2,SJ700-220LFF2,SJ700-300LFF2,SJ700-370LFF2,SJ700-450LFF2,SJ700-550LFF2 SJ700-004LFUF2,SJ700-007LFUF2,SJ700-015LFUF2,SJ700-022LFUF2,SJ700-037LFUF2,SJ700-055LFUF2,SJ700-075LFUF2,SJ700-110LFUF2,SJ700-150LFUF2,SJ700-185LFUF2,SJ700-220LFUF2,SJ700-300LFUF2,SJ700-370LFUF2,SJ700-450LFUF2,SJ700-550LFUF2


Q1. (Whole elevator) What information is absolutely needed before asking for the price?
A. Loading capacity or how many persons? ( eg. 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg, etc..)
B. How many floors/ stops/ doors?
C. What's the rated speed?
D. It will be with a machine room or without machine room?
E. What's the step width, lifting height, and angle degree if it's the escalator?
Q2. (Spare parts of Lift and Escalator) What information is needed before asking for the price?
(1) Pls tell us the elevator or escalator brand name.
(2) Pls, send us the picture of that spare part, and especially for the data plate with specifications.
(3) Pls, tell us the order quantity. ( how many pcs you needed?)
Q3. What about the packaging?
All elevator parts will be packed into standard exported Plywood boxes.

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    -What we do-
    • All of our elevators and escalator are manufactured with the latest European standards EN81-20/50 and EN115.
    • OEM & ODM production.
    • Supply a ONE-STOP service/solution for your modernization work for the old elevator and escalator.
    • Supply the original spare parts for all renowned brand lifts, like Mitsubishi, Kone, Toshiba,  Otis, Thyssenkrupp, Hitachi, Fujitec, etc.

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