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POTENSI FUJI ESCALATOR uses variable frequency drive technology to make escalators a model of energy saving; Electric stairs uses radio and television sensors at the entrance and exit of the escalator to detect the flow of people in real time to achieve automatic operation and achieve energy saving purposes. Escalator stairs advanced microcomputer control system and driving device, high-quality driving chain, automatic lubrication system application, so that the escalator and moving walks has a long life and low energy consumption, ensuring the safe, reliable and stable operation of the escalator.

FUJI Escalator, Advanced Technology, Smooth Start, Quiet Moving

FUJI VVVF drive ensures smooth operation of Fuji Elevator. Good noise control brings passengers a quiet ride experience.

Starting, accelerating, and braking curves are all designed according to ergonomic principles to obtain the best comfort. It is a real current vector control variable frequency drive system.

The FUJI series of escalators are exquisitely designed, unique in performance, energy-saving and environmentally sound, and of extraordinary quality. It serves passengers with safe, reliable, simple, and fast transportation. You can use Fuji products with confidence. The diversified exterior design perfectly integrates itself and the building into a whole.

Stable and Reliable.
The pallet is directly connected with the chain, which makes the operation more stable and quiet, thereby prolonging the service life and easy maintenance. The specially designed large wheel handrail drive has low operating noise and high power, which improves the operating conditions of the handrail. Therefore, its life span can be extended. The unique tubular structure has a large bearing capacity, which greatly improves the overall stability and service life.

Colorful Decoration

A variety of styles of armrests can meet individual needs in different environments. The beautiful stainless steel floor has a three-dimensional effect. The inner and outer decorative panels are made of stainless steel.

Superior Performance of Escalator

The truss is made of high-quality rectangular steel, with unique structure, high strength, and good corrosion resistance and durability. The overall design is simple and smooth, with strong compatibility.

International advanced technology to ensure accurate steps.

The large-diameter operation of the stepped roller reduces the noise to a minimum and prolongs the life of the product.

The entrance to the human-oriented armrest is fixed by brushes.

Both the skirt and the inner and outer decks are made of duplex stainless steel.

There are many types of stamped stainless steel front panels.

The belt brake system controlled by the brake motor makes the brake stable and reliable.

The super CPU motherboard monitors the running status in real time. If there is any abnormal situation, it will automatically interrupt and record the fault code.

Customers can choose VVVF drive to control the running speed, which has obvious energy-saving effects. Can extend product life and reduce operating costs.

potensi fuji escalator model

Standard Safety Device

1.Lack of phase, error phase protection:

If lack of phase (moving-walk) will or eror phase has been checked out, the escalator automatically stop the operation.

15. Inspection safety switch:

A safety device that prevents the escalator from starting during maintenance.

2.MOtor over-IOaU protection:

When the current exceeds 15% of the current rating, the escalator will automatically slop the operation.

16. Step lighting:

The upper and lower ends of the escalator are equipped with illumination to remind the passengers to pay attention to safety.

3.Electrical appliance loop protection:

It offers the automatic circuit disconnecting device to protect the circuit and mains components of the escalator (moving-walk).

17. Start the alarm device:

The alarm sounds when the escalator starts to remind passengers to be safe.

4.Handrail inlet protection:

When some foreign substance has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically slop the operation.

18. Handrail belt break protection device:

When the handrail breaks, the escalator will stop running.

5.Comb plate safety device:

When some foreign substance has been clipped in or between the combs.the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

19. Handrail speed monitoring:

If the handrail speed is slower than the step by a certain white ratio, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

6.Step sagging protection device:

When there is abnormal step bending, the escalator (moving-walk) will stop the operation before the step entering into the comb plate.

20. Apron brush:

Optional safety device. A brush is placed between the apron board and the steps so that the passenger’s shoes do not touch the apron board (not just the escalator).

7.Broken Drive-chain safety Device:

When the drive-chain has been over-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

21. Dual independent control system:

Make the escalator run more stable and safer.

8.Broken step chain protection:

When the step (plate) chain has been over-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (moving walk) will automatically slop the operation.

22. Step missing detection device:

A safety device that protects passengers.

9.OVer-speed protection:

When there is over-speed to the escalator (moving walk),it will automatically stop the operation.

23. Pedal open switch:

When the pedal is opened and the maintenance work is carried out in the escalator, the escalator stops and is in a safe state.

10.Direction reversal protection:

When it comes the unintentional reve rsal of the direction of travel, the escalator (moving walk) will automatically stop the operation.

24. Braking distance detection:

If the stopping distance exceeds 1.2 times the international regulations, the escalator and moving walkway can be restarted after the fault lock is reset. If necessary, check the brake system before manual reset and take corrective action.

11.Security line:

The yellow synthetic resin security line is located in the front position and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-between the edge of the adjacent step and the ti什group lengthened skirt panel. The security line on both sides of the step is higher than the tread surface. (The moving-walk offers the selective yellow spray-palmed security line.)

25. Brake release detection:

Increasing the brake detection switch prevents the motor from running when the brake is not opened, so as not to burn the main unit or cause a fire.

12. Emergency stop button:

When the button is pressed, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

26. Emergency braking device (optional safety device):

Drive chain breakage or brake failure prevents the escalator from sliding down to ensure personnel safety (must be equipped when H<6M)

13. Apron board protection:

When the foreign object is caught between the apron board and the steps, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

27. Fire shutter door device (optional):

When the device is activated, the escalator (automatic walkway) can be stopped and the device is located near the escalator (moving sidewalk).

14. Brake protection:

When the power is insufficient or any safety device is activated, the brake device will activate the brake function by the spring force to stop the escalator (automatic walkway).

28. Drainage of the lower machine room (optional ):

When the water in the lower machine room exceeds the standard, the automatic drainage system operates (outdoor type).



FUJI moving walk, advanced technology, smooth start, quiet movement
The Fuji Moving Walk takes the simplicity and comfort of shopping to a new level. It allows easy and safe access to all parts of the building, even when moving with a loaded trolley or trolley.

The FUJI series of moving walks are exquisitely designed, unique in performance, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and exceptional in quality. It serves passengers with safe, reliable, simple, and fast transportation. You can use Fuji products with confidence. The diversified exterior design perfectly integrates itself and the building into a whole.

FUJI is a globally recognized expert in moving walks and moving walks. This reliable and durable solution combines engineering technology and style and is a valuable asset for any quality shopping experience.

FUJI moving walk features

  • Advanced microcomputer control system and drive, accurate control, smooth and advanced electric lubrication technology
  • Automatic lubrication of transmission components to extend the service life of the product safety platform
  • Simulate neurons quickly improve every health perception
  • The wheel is built-in cascade to make the operation more stable and quiet
  • Unique angle steel structure design process, super load-bearing capacity
  • Various hand straps and skirting lines to meet the needs of different occasions
  • Fuji suppressed and novel design, integrated with the environment

FUJI Moving walk's function
Handrail entrance: the design of the entrance and exit of the handrail belt is novel, fashionable and beautiful, which makes the escalator more vivid and cordial

Operation direction and fault display: By observing the digital readings on the display panels installed on both sides of the skirt board at the entrance and exit of the escalator (or moving sidewalk), maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily.

Built-in step chain roller: The roller has been built into the specially designed roller step chain. It can effectively reduce the noise during driving and bring smoother and quieter operation.

Passenger lighting: The green light emits soft light from the meshing teeth of two adjacent steps, reminding passengers to pay attention to the horizontal section of the entrance and exit, thereby improving the safety of passengers.

Vertical traction machine: higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and longer service life.

Electric automatic lubrication: controlled by PC, when the hydraulic pump is automatically started for lubrication, a lubrication signal will be sent out after a preset time.


Q1. About quotation?
Please send us an inquiry here, we will reply to you within 1 hour. You will get our quotation immediately if you can supply much more specifications about your inquiry.

Q2. Trade Terms & Payment Terms?

Q3. (Whole elevator) What information is absolutely needed before asking for the price?
A. Loading capacity or how many persons? ( eg. 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg, etc..)
B. How many floors/ stops/ doors?
C. What's the rated speed?
D. It will be with a machine room or without a machine room?
E. What's the step width, lifting height, and angle degree if it's the escalator?

Q4. (Spare parts of Lift and Escalator) What information is needed before asking for the price?
(1) Pls tell us the elevator or escalator brand name.
(2) Pls, send us the picture of that spare part, and especially for the data plate with specifications.
(3) Pls, tell us the order quantity. ( how many pcs you needed?)

Q5. What about the packaging?
All elevator parts will be packed into standard exported Plywood boxes. Generally, 1*20' container is enough to load 1 unit 10stops lift, 1*40 container is okay for 3units 10stop lifts.

Q6. How to do with the elevator installation and maintenance?
Normally we entrust our local agents to do this work. But if we don't have an agent in your local city, we can go and help you with the installation work, and we prefer to train your team how to do this work well if you want to make long cooperation with us.

International Shipping

Around the World, All the Elevators and escalator Parts can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air, or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with your name, email, detailed address, product, and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight. 

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