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Escalator handrail belt SWE SDS
Escalator handrail belt SWE SDS

Escalator handrail belt SWE SDS

Model NO.
Potensi-Escalator Handrail Belt
Potensi helps you find the most cost-effective escalator handrail belt
With more than 17 years of experience in escalator production, Potensi has also cooperated with many handrail production factories. Therefore, Potensi also selected the most cost-effective rubber handrail products and TPU handrail products for everyone in the escalator field.

Export 300,000 metres handrails to the world every single year
As a professional escalator handrail supplier in China, Potensi trys his best to supply quality products to the world. We have many escalator handrails clients around the world, most of them are dealers. 

Escalator handrail belt jointing tools and materials avaliable
If you have a escalator handrail business or plan to deal with handrail belt, you want to cut it down or jointing them to serve your clients requirments, become Potensi's VIP Client, Potensi could provide you the jointing tools and materials. and the most important point-Techinical support 

Products Introduction
Rubber Escalator handrails
imagerubber escalator handrailshot sale escalator handrailsseperit rubber escalator handrails

PU escalator handrail
pu escalator handrailsehc escalator handrailsescalator handrails beltcolorful escalator handrails

Size reference table
Dimensions of Handrail
Yurethane Escalator SBR Rubber Handrail Belt,Elevator Spare Parts,Escalator Handrail
TYPE/SIZE/CODE Mouth Width(D)  Inner Width(D1) Total Width(D1)  Inner High(h)  Top Thickness(h1 ) Top High(h1) 

Common sense of Escalator handrails belt

Driving principle of handrail belt:
The handrail belt is located on the top surface of the handrail device, which runs synchronously with the steps, and is a belt-shaped part for passengers to hold. Its operation is to drive the handrail belt drive sprocket on the main shaft to drive the handrail belt friction wheel. Through the friction between the friction wheel and the handrail belt, the handrail belt runs at a speed synchronized with the steps. At this time, the handrail belt and its contacting roller assembly are required. The friction between them is as large as possible, and sufficient driving force of the handrail belt has been provided. Moreover, the contact surface of the driving handrail belt and the contact surface of the guide rail when the handrail belt moves are the same surface sliding layer.

Nowadays there are rubber and Polyurethane(PU) material of escalator handrails in the market. What's the difference between these two type?

Rubber escalator handrail: Lower price, shorther service-life than PU material of the handrail.
Famous brand: Semperit

PU escalator handrail: Higher price,longer service-lif and more coloful than rubber escalator handrail 
Famous brand: EHC
TIPS: If you want coloful handrails, PU Material handrail is the one that you need. Because the color of pu material will not fade over time, while the color of rubber material handrail will fade.


TypeEscalator handrail
Product NameEscalator Handrail Belts
Life span5-7 years
MaterialRubber/ PU
ColorBlack or customized color
Warranty3 Years
Minimum positive bending half≤ 180mm
Minimum Backbend Half≤ 275mm
Straightness≤ 4m
Extensibility≤ 0.1%
Lip strength≥ 70N

Product Description

three layers of nylon handrail
potensi handrail joint types
Q1. About quotation?
Please send us an inquiry from Alibaba, we will reply to you within 1 hour. You will get our quotation immediately if you can supply much more specifications about your inquiry.

Q2. Trade Terms & Payment Terms?

Q3. (Whole elevator) What information is absolutely needed before asking for the price?
A. Loading capacity or how many persons? ( eg. 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg, etc..)
B. How many floors/ stops/ doors?
C. What's the rated speed?
D. It will be with a machine room or without a machine room?
E. What's the step width, lifting height, and angle degree if it's the escalator?

Q4. (Spare parts of Lift and Escalator) What information is needed before asking for the price?
(1) Pls tell us the elevator or escalator brand name.
(2) Pls, send us the picture of that spare part, and especially for the data plate with specifications.
(3) Pls, tell us the order quantity. ( how many pcs you needed?)

Q5. What about the packaging?
All elevator parts will be packed into standard exported Plywood boxes. Generally, 1*20' container is enough to load 1 unit 10stops lift, 1*40 container is okay for 3units 10stop lifts.

Q6. How to do with the elevator installation and maintenance?
Normally we entrust our local agents to do this work. But if we don't have an agent in your local city, we can go and help you with the installation work, and we prefer to train your team how to do this work well if you want to make long cooperation with us.

International Shipping

Around the World, All the Elevators and escalator Parts can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air, or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with your name, email, detailed address, product, and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight. 

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-What we do-
  • All of our elevators and escalator are manufactured with the latest European standards EN81-20/50 and EN115.
  • OEM & ODM production.
  • Supply a ONE-STOP service/solution for your modernization work for the old elevator and escalator.
  • Supply the original spare parts for all renowned brand lifts, like Mitsubishi, Kone, Toshiba, Schindler, Otis, Thyssenkrupp, Hitachi, Fujitec, etc.

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