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Model No: KDL16L KM953503G21

Kone elevator Inverter KDL16L KM953503G21 | Potensi Elevator

Kone elevator Inverter KDL16L KM953503G21
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We are the wholesaler of the Kone Elevator Inverter KDL 16L(KM953503G21), all of them are supplied directly by the factory. We sincerely looking for cooperation with elevator parts dealers or Maintenance companies from all over the world.  Potensi is looking forward to working with you in the near future.

-Kone Elevator Inverter Drive KDL16L Application-

Kone Elevator Inverter Drive KDL16L is the standard drive for the monospace system, the KDL16L with extensive modifications is used as a retrofit for the V3F16L
Offering an equally efficient alternative to the V3F16L, the KDL16L has a built-in encoder-based operating system that provides similar smooth operation to the V3F16L, and the KDL16L can be quickly and easily installed into your elevator system with an additional replacement kit.

-Product Description-
Brand: KONE
Products: Kone Elevator Inverter KDL16L KM953503G21
OEM Parts: No
Model: KDL16L KM953503G21
Rated Current:14A/12A(continious)

Input: Rated current 20A,400VAC, 3-phase,50/60Hz
Output: Rated current 22A,340VAC, 3-phase,0-60Hz
Maximum current 70A, 340 VAC, 3-phase,0-60Hz
Nominal current 40A, 340VAC, 3-phase,0-60Hz

kone drive kdl16lKONE KDL16L
-Kone Elevator Inverter Drive KDL16L Shipping Reference-
Kone elevator Inverter KDL16L KM953503G21
Kone elevator Inverter KDL16L KM953503G21

-Factory and Warehouse-
Kone elevator Inverter KDL16L factory and warehouse
-Additional Info-
Packaging: Export Packing
Transportation: Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, Sea, Land and Air transportation, etc.
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certificate: EN115, CE, Gost-R, SASO, VOC, KTL, UL, CSA
Payment Type: T/T, Western union, Paypal, L/C, Credit Card and so on.
Incoterm: CFR, CIF, FOB, FCA, CPT
Delivery Time: About 7 working days against payment as generally

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Q1. (Whole elevator) What information is absolutely needed before asking for the price?
A. Loading capacity or how many persons? ( eg. 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg, etc..)
B. How many floors/ stops/ doors?
C. What's the rated speed?
D. It will be with a machine room or without machine room?
E. What's the step width, lifting height, and angle degree if it's the escalator?
Q2. (Spare parts of Lift and Escalator) What information is needed before asking for the price?
(1) Pls tell us the elevator or escalator brand name.
(2) Pls, send us the picture of that spare part, and especially for the data plate with specifications.
(3) Pls, tell us the order quantity. ( how many pcs you needed?)
Q3. What about the packaging?
All elevator parts will be packed into standard exported Plywood boxes.

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