Shandong Potensi International Co.,Ltd.250000About UsNo.25/26 Floors,Building 1,Shuntai Square,High-Tech Zone, Jinan City 25000,Shandong,ChinaPOTENSI is a comprehensive international elevator company, its aim is to provide a premium platform for China's high-quality elevator products to enter the international market. Meantime, it will provide an excellent platform for the China-entrance of unique elevator products in your market, and serve to create a global advantage! POTENSI has rich product varieties, we can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. Our products include passenger elevator, observation elevator, goods elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, home elevator, dumbwaiter elevator, escalator and m

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Do you know how to install the Kone traction machine? In this article, we will show you some installation details for Kone motor MX18, Kone traction machine MX32, Kone machine MX14, Kone lift machine MX10 for your reference.
All LCE User interface of 6.xx based elevators and newer elevators will be locked after 10000 starts. The LCEUIO tool could unlock the LCE User interface.
From GPS, GPS2 to GPS3, the system mechanism of Mitsubishi Elevator has undergone great changes, and the operation method has been quite different. But its basic failure code is the same. In actual repairs, the fault code is just a reference for repairs:
When measuring a handrail, it is critical that measurements are taken accurately. The following steps will help you when measuring an installed handrail.
Have you met any problems when you replace the escalate handrail?
It’s wise to buy the parts from factory directly, because you think you will get the lowest price? It’s wise to buy the parts from your China friends even though he is not in elevator industry, because you think he is much more reliable?
The traction machine is the heart of the elevator, just like the heart of human. Why the lift is able to up and down? That is, it is dragged by the traction machine. Therefore, a very important factor for measuring the quality of the elevator is the quality of the traction machine.
So today let’s try to get some knowledge about good brands of elevator traction machine in China.
When it comes to the fault diagnosis of elevator traction machine, because the traction machine structure of each manufacturer is different, the technical requirements are also inconsistent, so it is impossible to formulate the solution to specific problems. This article only summarizes some common fault phenomena, causes and troubleshooting methods for reference only.
Most of the elevator control systems in China are monarch control systems, and many elevators come with protocols when they leave the factory. And how to judge whether this circuit board has a dedicated protocol?
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