How to Measure Your Escalator Handrails - Handrail Length丨Potensi Elevator

author: Potensi-Ella
Measuring Instructions

1) Place your start mark on the incline of the handrail. On an up unit, the starting mark will be at the top (A) and the measurements will be at the bottom measuring up the incline.

2) Place your next mark at the other end of the incline (B) and measure the distance between the two marks.

3) Once you have recorded your first measurement, rotate the escalator so as to take another measurement down (or up) the incline.

4) Repeat Step 3 (usually 3 times) until the start mark reappears.

5) Measure the distance between your last mark and the start mark (D & A) and add to your other measurements (1, 2, & 3) to obtain the total handrail length.
 escalator handrail measure