author: Potensi-Ella
How to judge whether the Monarch system has a specific protocol?

Most of the elevator control systems in China are monarch control systems, and many elevators come with protocols when they leave the factory. There are two types of protocols, one is a standard protocol, and the other is a specific protocol. If the elevator control system is a monarch control system, when the elevator maintenance company replaces the circuit board (mainboard, display board, car top board, etc.), it needs to explain to the accessory supplier whether there is a special agreement within that board. And how to judge whether this circuit board has a dedicated protocol?

Step 1: Check the Model No.

First of all, you have to know what the model no. of the PCB board with standard protocol looks like. Example: MCTC-MCB-C2. There is no more letters after the ‘MCTC-MCB-C2’.

But if you find that there are some letters like a brand name in the end of the model no, this board maybe has a specific protocol.  For example MCTC-MCB-C2 -(FJZY).  -(FJZY): This means maybe this board has the specific protocol.

Step 2: Check the data with a Test tool.

Sometimes if you only rely on the model to determine whether the board has a dedicated protocol, errors may occur. The safest way to check is to view the data with a Test tool. How to do? Proceed as follows:

Step 1: You need a test tool(Test tool model no. MDKE6, Other monarch test tools also work).

               Click to get Monarch elevator service tool MDKE6

Step 2:Follow the steps in the video (FA-05>> FP07>>FP08 >>FP09)

Result: As long as the data of FP-09 is not 0, it means that this PCB board has a specific protocol; if it shows 0, it means that it has a standard protocol.

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