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How do you clean an escalator handrail?

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In our daily life, escalators have become the main transport link for people. Every day, it needs to carry a large number of people and transportation pressure. According to official statistics, taking Guangzhou Metro as an example, the average daily flow of people can reach 7 million; In the face of such a huge transportation pressure, it will definitely become a conductor of transmission of a large number of bacteria and influenza germs, so the cleaning of escalators must be paid attention to.

crowds in the escalator in subway

In addition, the frequent occurrence of escalator accidents is also one of the problems that needs attention. In the event of an accident, the escalator handrail  is the only fulcrum that can support the balance of the body. But at present, a large number of people do not hold the handrail tightly when they take the escalator. The main reason is that there is no perfect solution for regular daily disinfection of escalator handrails.

LP-750 Escalator Handrail Cleaning and Disinfection Machine is amazingly launched
In response to the current cleaning problem, POTENSI ELEVATOR has developed an Automatic Handrail Cleaning Machine, a non-motorized, simple and practical cleaning equipment.
Traditional way for handrail cleaning:

 Convenient cleaning and disinfection methods provided by POTENSI elevator:

                    escalator handrail cleaner from Potensi elevator

Convenient cleaning and disinfection methods provided by POTENSI elevator:

1. Unique method of cleaning, disinfecting, rubber handrails on escalators.
2. Especially designed microfiber cleaning pads to deeply clean handrails from dirt and bacteria
3. Non-motorized, no need to take electricity, safe and easy to use cleaning system.
4. Escalator suitable for various places
5. Extends handrail life and reduces costly repairs and replacements
6. Continuous disinfection time can be played for 72 hours

POTENSI Escalator Cleaning Machine Attentions for use:
When the escalator is running upward, the handrail cleaning machine must be placed under the step ladder for cleaning, and when the escalator is running downward, the handrail cleaning machine must be placed above the step ladder for cleaning.

    escalator handrail belt cleaning machine
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