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How to Choose the Right Elevator Air Conditioner?

Elevator air conditioner make it is possible that cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter in cabin. Because of its unique temperature adjustment function, elevator air conditioners quickly enter every elevator , creating a comfortable environment like spring for people when take the elevators.

However, as a complex electrical appliance, elevator air conditioners are not the same for every elevator. It is necessary to decide which elevator air conditioner to choose according to different needs. So how can we choose a suitable elevator air conditioner, and what are the relevant parameters for the selection? POTENSI Elevator is willing to share some of our own views in order to help you have a better understanding of elevator air conditioners.

How to Choose the Right Elevator Air Conditioner?Elevator Air Conditioner
No 1: Choose the air conditioner type according to the elevator loading capacity:

1350 kg is a cut-off point for the load-bearing weight of an elevator, and you need to look for different types of elevator air conditioners below and above. Generally, there will be a limited load capacity in the elevator, that is to say, the load capacity must not be exceeded.

No 2: Air-conditioning products with appropriate cooling (heating) capacity are selected according to the area of the elevator cabin space:

2500 W and 3500 W are the existing conventional cooling and heating values. Generally, the appropriate cooling capacity needs to be selected according to the space of the elevator car , In cold weather or according to your own needs, you can also choose an elevator air conditioner with heating function.

No. 3: Select the applicable elevator air conditioner according to the circulating air volume (m3/h) of the air conditioner:

Usually, the air conditioner has an output air volume, and there must be a return air volume, and the size of this air volume is related to the elevator space. Condensation and evaporative atomization will occur, resulting in water leakage. Specifically, the elevator air conditioner is installed on the top of the elevator car, and the ambient temperature on the car top will be much higher than the normal outdoor temperature. It includes the heating of the elevator and the air conditioner itself, and the surrounding elevator car is closed. The heat conduction in the ceiling, etc.; if the circulating air volume of the air conditioner is too small, the return air volume will also be small, which will inevitably cause a small air circulation in the ceiling of the car, which will directly affect the cooling effect, and will also form condensed water, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator use. Therefore, in order to ensure the dryness of the air-conditioning installation environment, it is necessary to select an air conditioner with a suitable circulating air volume.

No. 4: Choose the elevator air conditioner of appropriate size according to the actual space size of the elevator car roof:

Normally the elevator air conditioner is generally installed on the elevator car top side, but in fact, the position of many elevator car roofs is different. If it is not installed properly, it will produce abnormal noise, dripping water, poor refrigeration and other faults at any time; In addition, the different dimensions of the length, width and height of the elevator air conditioner also mean the weight of the air conditioner, and this parameter often has a great impact on the elevator; Therefore, before purchasing elevator air conditioner, be sure to refer to the actual position of elevator roof.

No. 5: Choose the elevator air conditioner with good quality according to the performance index of the Air Conditioner/Compressor:

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, a good heart is very important; POTENSI ELEVATOR AIR CONDITIONER with Panasonic compressor bring high quality and efficient heat exchanger, evaporator, condenser, shell plating and other materials also need to be considered; It also needs to be equipped with functions such as timing switch and fresh air exchange. Because the elevator car is sealed on all sides, that is, it is in a relatively sealed environment. If the elevator is fully loaded, many people are likely to cause secondary pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to select the fresh air exchange function specially designed according to the requirements for human health (i.e. extract air from the elevator shaft and deliver fresh air to the car by means of fresh air exchange), especially suitable for high-end hotels, organs, hospitals Elevators in public places such as office buildings and residential buildings.

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No.6: Choose the appropriate elevator air conditioner according to the environmental needs and use needs of the elevator:

Because different buildings have different actual needs, it is suggested to take the use requirements of the building as the premise. Some requirements must have timing switch function, some requirements must have constant temperature setting, some requirements must be environmental protection and health, and some requirements must be efficient and energy-saving. Therefore, when facing the problem of how to choose the elevator air conditioner, It is also necessary to fully consider the actual demand and function of the elevator.

To sum up, I believe you also have a certain understanding about the elevator air conditioner. In short, we need to always keep in mind that elevator safety is a crucial thing, and elevator air conditioner is closely connected with elevator safety. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of elevator air conditioner is the primary condition before we buy it. Anyway, if you still have any questions or you want to get more specifications about our elevator air conditioning, you can CLICK HERE to get much more professional suggestions from our technical team.