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Difference between Elevator Air Conditioner & Household Air Conditioner?

Generally speaking, the working principle of Elevator Air Conditioner and household air conditioner is basically similar, but there are some differences between them, as follows:
No.1: In terms of positioning: 
The elevator air conditioner is specially designed for the elevator car, and the applicable space is much smaller; Household air conditioning is designed for family houses. It is generally used in rooms and living rooms, with large use space;
Elevator Air Conditioner
No.2: In terms of appearance and system composition:
The elevator air conditioner has only one host (i.e. integrated air conditioner), and all parts are installed in one host; Household air conditioners are usually one by one, that is, an outdoor unit corresponds to an indoor unit, such as split unit and cabinet unit;
No.3: In terms of power capacity:
The elevator air conditioner generally has only small specifications and models such as 1p / 1p / 1.5p, and the use space is small; Household air conditioners are usually 1p / 1p / 1.5p / 2P / 2.5P / 3P and above, which can be used from small room to large living room;
No.4: In terms of installation:
The elevator air conditioner is installed on the cabin, which needs to be separately equipped with special cables. Generally, it is connected to the air inlet and outlet and the panel, so the installation is relatively simple; CLICK HERE to get professional operation instruction manuals. The household air conditioners also need to make wall holes for pipe laying and outdoor unit installation, which will damage the overall structure of the house and affect the aesthetic feeling of architectural decoration;
No.5: In terms of functions and characteristics:
The price of elevator air conditioner is relatively cheap, but the refrigeration capacity and air supply volume are small, the noise is large, generally only constant speed, few functions, and suitable for small space; If you want to get the most cost-effective Supplier of elevator air conditioners, please contact our international sales team without any hesitate. But the price of household air conditioner is relatively expensive, but the refrigeration capacity and air supply volume are large, the noise is small, there are fixed speed and frequency conversion, and there are many functional designs such as individual energy-saving and low-carbon, which can be freely selected, and can be applied to all rooms;

Difference between Elevator Air Conditioner & Household Air Conditioner?
No.6: From the perspective of environmental protection technology:
The elevator air conditioner reduces the indoor air temperature and ensures the exchange with the air in the car by sucking in the fresh air outside the car, so as to avoid the occurrence of "air conditioning disease" of users. This design of air duct for fresh air will not reduce the indoor temperature very low; But the air circulation of household air conditioner is only for indoor air circulation, and the function of fresh air is rarely used;
No.7:In terms of warranty and service time:
The elevator air conditioner is generally guaranteed for one year. Because its service environment is poor and the temperature outside the elevator car is very high, especially the temperature outside the sightseeing elevator car can be as high as more than 60 degrees, the temperature difference is too large, and it will be used 24 hours a day throughout the year. This service environment and frequency will greatly affect the service life of the elevator air conditioner. Generally, it will be used for about 2-3 years. If the daily maintenance is appropriate and the service environment is slightly better, it can be used for 3-5 years; The household air conditioners are generally guaranteed for 5 years. Generally, they are only used for 3 ~ 4 months in summer every year, 5 ~ 8 hours a day, about 5 ~ 10 years. Some of them can be used for 15 years if they are properly maintained at ordinary times;